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November 5 • Monday

  8:00am –  9:00am B Registration Foyer
  9:00am –  9:20am K Advancing the User Experience - Mark Shuttleworth, Founder at Canonical Verdi
Speakers: Mark Shuttleworth
  9:20am –  9:40am K Mostly Sunny: Why Evernote Runs Their Own Linux Servers Instead of "The Cloud" - Dave Engberg, CTO at Evernote Verdi
Speakers: Dave Engberg
  9:40am –  10:10am B Break Foyer
 10:10am –  10:55am S Project Leaders Unite for the Linux Community Breakdown - Peter Vescuso, Black Duck Software Vivaldi I
Speakers: Peter Vescuso
 10:10am –  10:55am S RepOSS: A Flexible OSS Assessment Repository - Masahiro Date, Fujitsu Rossini II
Speakers: Masahiro Date
 10:10am –  10:55am C Virtualization in the Cloud: Featuring Xen and XCP - Lars Kurth, Citrix Verdi
Speakers: Lars Kurth
 10:10am –  10:55am D Resource Isolation: The Failure of Operating Systems & How We Can Fix It - Glauber Costa, Parallels Diamant
Speakers: Glauber Costa
 10:10am –  10:55am D Yami Nabe Revisited: How Much Duplicated Work is There in the (Android) Kernel? - Armijn Hemel, Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions Rossini I
Speakers: Armijn Hemel
 11:05am –  11:50am S Collaborating with Open Source for mixed IT solutions in the Cloud - Alfonso Castro, Microsoft Vivaldi I
Speakers: Alfonso Castro
 11:05am –  11:50am C Virtual Machine snapshots: Overview and Illustration of Different Types of Snapshots With libvirt/QEMU - Kashyap Chamarthy, Red Hat Verdi
Speakers: Kashyap Chamarthy
 11:05am –  11:50am D Linux Real-Time: Are We There Yet? - Thomas Gleixner, Linutronix Rossini I
Speakers: Thomas Gleixner
 11:05am –  11:50am D Performance Prediction and Optimization using Linux/Cgroups with IO Throttle - Yuzuru Maya, Hitachi Diamant
Speakers: Yuzuru MAYA
 11:05am –  11:50am O systemd: The First Two Years - Lennart Poettering, Red Hat Rossini II
 11:50am –  1:20pm B Lunch Foyer
  1:20pm –  2:05pm S How to Develop a Dream Product: OEM and FOSS OSV Synergy - Dmitry Komissarov, ROSA Vivaldi I
Speakers: Dmitry Komissarov
  1:20pm –  2:05pm C The OpenNebula Cloud Platform for Data Center Virtualization - Ruben S. Montero, Verdi
Speakers: Ruben S. Montero
  1:20pm –  2:05pm D Parallel Workload Management Using Linux CFS and Hard Limits - Sorana Rabinovici, Teradata Rossini II
Speakers: Sorana Rabinovici
  1:20pm –  2:05pm D (Tutorial) FreeIPA, Part I - Jakub Hrozek, Red Hat Diamant
Speakers: Jakub Hrozek
  1:20pm –  2:05pm W Open Source Community Metrics: Tips and Techniques for Measuring Participation - Dawn Foster, Puppet Labs Rossini I
Speakers: Dawn Foster
  2:15pm –  3:00pm S The Giant IT Vending Machine - Daniel Lopez Ridruejo, BitNami Rossini I
Speakers: Daniel Lopez Ridruejo
  2:15pm –  3:00pm D (Tutorial) FreeIPA, Part II - Jakub Hrozek, Red Hat Diamant
Speakers: Jakub Hrozek
  2:15pm –  3:00pm D New Challenges for Linux Network Support - Marcel Holtmann, Intel Vivaldi I
Speakers: Marcel Holtmann
  2:15pm –  3:00pm D SSD Devices & Caching: fscache, Block Cache or Device Driver - Ric Wheeler, Red Hat Rossini II
Moderators: Ric Wheeler
Speakers: James Bottomley, Hannes Reinecke
  2:15pm –  3:10pm C Developing and Testing Industrial Hardware With QEMU - Alberto Garcia, Igalia Verdi
Speakers: Alberto Garcia
  3:00pm –  3:30pm B Break Foyer
  3:30pm –  4:15pm C The Path to an Open Cloud with Open Virtualization and KVM - Adam Jollans, IBM Verdi
Speakers: Adam Jollans
  3:30pm –  4:15pm D Checkpoint and Restore: Are We There Yet? - Pavel Emelyanov, Parallels Rossini I
Speakers: Pavel Emelyanov
  3:30pm –  4:15pm D Introduction of Dynamic Partitioning - Yasuaki Ishimatsu, Fujitsu Diamant
Speakers: Yasuaki Ishimatsu
  3:30pm –  4:15pm D MariaDB: The 2012 Edition - Colin Charles, Monty Program Ab Vivaldi I
Speakers: Colin Charles
  3:30pm –  4:15pm D State of Linux and UEFI Secure Boot - James Bottomley, Parallels Rossini II
Speakers: James Bottomley
  4:25pm –  4:45pm K Linux: At the Forefront - Brian Stevens, CTO and VP Worldwide Engineering at Red Hat Verdi
Speakers: Brian Stevens
  4:45pm –  5:30pm K Linux Kernel Report - Jon Corbet, Editor at Verdi
Speakers: Jon Corbet

November 6 • Tuesday

  8:00am –  9:00am B Registration Foyer
  9:00am –  9:20am K Open Source Cloud Platforms - Marten Mickos, CEO at Eucalyptus Systems Verdi
Speakers: Marten Mickos
  9:20am –  9:40am K Scaling an Open Source Community: How we Grew the OpenStack Project - Monty Taylor, Manager of Automation and Deployment at HP Verdi
Speakers: Monty Taylor
  9:40am –  10:10am B Break Foyer
 10:10am –  10:55am S The Next Black Swan in Open Source - Matt Asay, 10gen Rossini II
Speakers: Matt Asay
 10:10am –  10:55am C (Tutorial) Building FOSS Clouds, Part I - Sebastien Goasguen, Citrix Verdi
Speakers: Sebastien Goasguen
 10:10am –  10:55am D Don't Play Dice with Random Numbers - H. Peter Anvin, Intel Vivaldi I
Speakers: H. Peter Anvin
 10:10am –  10:55am D kdump on the Mainframe - Michael Holzheu, IBM Diamant
Speakers: Michael Holzheu
 10:10am –  10:55am O Lightweight Virtualization: LXC Best Practices - Christoph Mitasch, Thomas-Krenn.AG Rossini I
Speakers: Christoph Mitasch
 10:10am –  10:55am T Tizen Overview and Architecture - Carsten Haitzler, Samsung Electronics Ambar
Speakers: Carsten Haitzler
 11:05am –  11:50am S Patents and What We All Can Do - Keith Bergelt, OIN Diamant
Speakers: Keith Bergelt
 11:05am –  11:50am C (Tutorial) Building FOSS Clouds, Part II - Sebastien Goasguen, Citrix Verdi
Speakers: Sebastien Goasguen
 11:05am –  11:50am D Contiguous Memory Allocator Usage Basics - Michal Nazarwicz, Google Rossini I
Speakers: Michal Nazarewicz
 11:05am –  11:50am D Preparing the Scalable Desktop Environment, Enlightenment DR17, For Release - Mike Blumenkrantz, Samsung Vivaldi I
Speakers: Mike Blumenkrantz
 11:05am –  11:50am D Video4Linux2: Path to a Standardized Video Codec API - Kamil Debski, Samsung Rossini II
Speakers: Kamil Debski
 11:05am –  11:50am T Tizen SDK and Web Development - Cheng Luo, Samsung Electronics Ambar
Speakers: Cheng Luo
 11:50am –  1:20pm B Lunch Foyer
  1:20pm –  2:05pm S All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace? - Karsten Gerloff, FSFE Diamant
Speakers: Karsten Gerlofff
  1:20pm –  2:05pm C OpenStack Continuous Integration Testing on Cloud Servers - James E. Blair, HP Verdi
Speakers: James E. Blair
  1:20pm –  2:05pm D FreedomBox Developer Release - Bdale Garbee Rossini II
Speakers: Bdale Garbee
  1:20pm –  2:05pm D Grilo: Easy Access to Online Multimedia Content - Juan A. Suarez Romero, Igalia Vivaldi I
Speakers: Juan A. Suarez Romero
  1:20pm –  2:05pm D Status of Linux Tracing - Elena Zannoni, Oracle Rossini I
Speakers: Elena Zannoni
  1:20pm –  2:05pm T Tizen Security - Ryan Ware, Intel Ambar
Speakers: Ryan Ware
  2:15pm –  3:00pm D Automotive Bluetooth Telephony: Combining BlueZ and the Modern Vehicle - Timo Mueller, BMW Diamant
Speakers: Timo Mueller
  2:15pm –  3:00pm D Trawler: A New Approach to SSD Caching - Hannes Reinecke, SUSE Rossini II
Speakers: Hannes Reinecke
  2:15pm –  3:00pm O Optimizing the Performance of Linux Servers - Davor Guttierrez, 3 Gen d.o.o. Rossini I
Speakers: Davor Guttierrez
  2:15pm –  3:00pm T Tizen's Graphical Libraries: EFL - Gustavo Barbieri, ProFUSION Ambar
Speakers: Gustavo Barbieri
  2:15pm –  3:00pm W Coding For Fun: Silly Projects Keep You Sane! - John W. Linville, Red Hat Vivaldi I
Speakers: John W. Linville
  2:15pm –  3:10pm C Introduction to oVirt Virtualization Management Platform - Itamar Heim, Red Hat Verdi
Speakers: Itamar Heim
  3:00pm –  3:30pm B Break Foyer
  3:30pm –  4:15pm C The OpenStack Project and the OpenStack Foundation - Eileen Evans, HP Verdi
Speakers: Eileen Evans
  3:30pm –  4:15pm D A New Linux Light-Weight Threading Model for Multicore Devices - Michael Christofferson, Enea Diamant
Speakers: Michael Christofferson
  3:30pm –  4:15pm D Bootstrapping the Debian and Ubuntu ARM64 Ports - Wookey, Linaro Rossini II
Speakers: Wookey
  3:30pm –  4:15pm O Building and Monitoring a Large Database Cluster - Tim Ellis, Palomino Rossini I
Speakers: Tim Ellis
  3:30pm –  4:15pm O Disaster Resilience on Linux - Lars Marowsky-Brée, SUSE Vivaldi I
Speakers: Lars Marowsky-Brée
  3:30pm –  4:15pm T Tizen IVI - Geoffroy VanCutsem, Intel Ambar
Speakers: Geoffroy VanCutsem
  4:25pm –  4:45pm K Importance of Linux at Intel - Imad Sousou, Director of OTC at Intel Verdi
Speakers: Imad Sousou
  4:45pm –  5:05pm K Forward-Looking Development: The Next Evolution in Enterprise Linux Software Development - Ralf Flaxa, VP of Engineering at SUSE Verdi
Speakers: Ralf Flaxa

November 7 • Wednesday

  8:00am –  9:00am B Registration Foyer
  9:20am –  9:40am K Research Into Open Hardware - Catarina Mota, Founder at openMaterials Verdi
Speakers: Catarina Mota
  9:40am –  10:10am K Linux: Where Are We Going - Linux Creator Linus Torvalds and Intel's Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist, Dirk Hohndel Verdi
Speakers: Dirk Hohndel, Linus Torvalds
 10:10am –  10:40am B Break Foyer
 10:40am –  11:25am S Shared Resources for Promoting Innovation: What You Can Do Regarding Software Patents - Deb Nicholson, OIN Diamant
Speakers: Deb Nicholson
 10:40am –  11:25am C Legal Issues Facing Linux in the Cloud - Robert Blasi, Goodwin Procter LLP Verdi
Speakers: Robert Blasi
 10:40am –  11:25am D GStreamer on Android - Andoni Morales, Fluendo and Sebastian Drogue, Collabora Vivaldi I
Speakers: Sebastian Dröge, Andoni Morales
 10:40am –  11:25am D OCFS2: Status and Overview - Lenz Grimmer, Oracle Rossini I
Speakers: Lenz Grimmer
 10:40am –  11:25am W Taking the Fear Out of Contributing: Open Source Mentoring - Stephen Hemminger, Vyatta Rossini II
Speakers: Stephen Hemminger
 11:35am –  12:10am W GPL Compliance Is Easier Than You Think - Bradley Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy Rossini II
Speakers: Bradley M. Kuhn
 11:35am –  12:20am C Edge Virtual Bridging: Introduction and Implementation in Linux (open-lldp) - Thomas Richter, IBM Verdi
Speakers: Thomas Richter
 11:35am –  12:20am W 7 Open Source Tools for your Devops Stack - Kris Buytaert, Inuits Rossini I
Speakers: Kris Buytaert
 11:35am –  12:20pm D OpenSAF High Availability For Critical Applications - Mario Angelic, Ericsson Diamant
Speakers: Mario Angelic
 11:35am –  12:20pm D Optimizing File System Performance When Memory is Tight - Theodore Ts'o, Google Vivaldi I
Speakers: Theodore Ts'o
 12:20pm –  1:50pm B Lunch Foyer
  1:50pm –  2:35pm C Cloud Storage Reloaded: Distributed Filesystems (CephFS and GlusterFS) - Udo Seidel, Amadeus Data Processing GmbH Verdi
Speakers: Udo Seidel
  1:50pm –  2:35pm D Generic PM Domains And Device PM QoS - Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel OTC Diamant
Speakers: Rafael J. Wysocki
  1:50pm –  2:35pm D Qt Project and Qt 5 - Thiago Macieira, Intel Vivaldi I
Speakers: Thiago Macieira
  1:50pm –  2:35pm D Getting Started With Dragonboard for Embedded Development, Part I - Ryan Kuester,Insymbols; Victor Gonzalez,Intrinsyc; Kiran Rudramuni, QuIC Rossini I
Speakers: Victor Gonzalez, Ryan Kuester, Kiran Rudramuni
  1:50pm –  2:35pm O MySQL Security Model and Pluggable Authentication - Kristofer Pettersson, Oracle Rossini II
Speakers: Kristofer Pettersson
  2:45pm –  3:30pm C (Tutorial) Hands-On With Ceph: Object Storage, Block Storage, Filesystem & More, Part I - Florian Haas, Hastexo Verdi
Speakers: Florian Haas
  2:45pm –  3:30pm D Assembling a Kernel Test Grid With Autotest - Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues, Red Hat Vivaldi I
Speakers: Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues
  2:45pm –  3:30pm D Enjoy Fighting Regressions With Git Bisect - Christian Couder Rossini II
Speakers: Christian Couder
  2:45pm –  3:30pm D Getting Started With Dragonboard for Embedded Development, Part II - Ryan Kuester,Insymbols; Victor Gonzalez,Intrinsyc; Kiran Rudramuni, QuIC Rossini I
Speakers: Victor Gonzalez, Ryan Kuester, Kiran Rudramuni
  2:45pm –  3:30pm D Life After BerkeleyDB: OpenLDAP's Memory-Mapped Database - Howard Chu, Symas Corporation Diamant
Speakers: Howard Chu
  3:40pm –  4:25pm S LibreOffice Certification Program - Italo Vignoli, The Document Foundation Vivaldi I
Speakers: Italo Vignoli
  3:40pm –  4:25pm C (Tutorial) Hands-On With Ceph: Object Storage, Block Storage, Filesystem & More, Part II - Florian Haas, Hastexo Verdi
Speakers: Florian Haas
  3:40pm –  4:25pm D CouchDB and CouchApps - Roman Geber, B1 Systems GmbH Diamant
Speakers: Roman Geber
  3:40pm –  4:25pm D Getting Started With Dragonboard for Embedded Development, Part III - Ryan Kuester,Insymbols; Victor Gonzalez,Intrinsyc; Kiran Rudramuni, QuIC Rossini I
Speakers: Victor Gonzalez, Ryan Kuester, Kiran Rudramuni
  3:40pm –  4:25pm O Resource Management With Linux - Bruno Cornec, HP Rossini II
Speakers: Bruno Cornec

November 8 • Thursday

  9:00am –  10:00am G The State of the Gluster Community - John Mark Walker, Red Hat Vivaldi I
Speakers: John Mark Walker
 10:00am –  11:00am G GlusterFS in High Availability Clusters: Integration with the Pacemaker HA Stack - Florian Haas, Hastexo Vivaldi I
Speakers: Florian Haas
 11:00am –  11:15am B Break Foyer
 11:15am –  12:15pm G Integrating GlusterFS, oVirt and KVM - Vijay Bellur, Red Hat Vivaldi I
Speakers: Vijay Bellur
 12:15pm –  1:15am B Lunch Foyer
 12:45pm –  1:15pm G (Lunch & Learn) The Disperse Translator: A Tradeoff Between Striped and Replicated - Ramon Selga & Xavier Hernandaz, Datalab Vivaldi I
Speakers: Xavier Hernandez, Ramon Selga
  1:15pm –  2:15pm G Enabling GlusterFS for Virtualization Use - M. Mohan Kumar, IBM Vivaldi I
Speakers: M. Mohan Kumar
  2:15pm –  3:15pm G GlusterFS Demos: Getting Started in a Flash, UFO, & Wireshark - Eco Wilson & Niels de Vos, Red Hat Vivaldi I
Speakers: Niels de Vos, Red Hat, Eco Wilson
  3:15pm –  4:15pm B Break Vivaldi I
  3:30pm –  4:30pm G GlusterFS for SysAdmin - Dustin Black, Red Hat Vivaldi I
Speakers: Dustin Black
  4:30pm –  5:30pm G On-demand File Caching with GlusterFS - Gustavo Bervian Brand, SCALUS Project Vivaldi I
Speakers: Gustavo Bervian Brand